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    GGSU Stick Review

    So a bunch of you were curious as to how our sticks are. I have one thing to say: they are the best foam cores I've ever used. The balance, feel, weight, everything about them is amazing, and unbeatable for the price. My school has supplied ccms for the last four years for me, and while they were nice, I was always left wanting more from my stick, especially as far as customizing and performance. These sticks are everything you could ever ask for from a foam core.

    A couple of you asked about the shaft durability. So far, it's held up much better than my ccms ever did. I've taken a bunch of shots to it directly and not even starting to splinter or chip like most other plywood shafts.

    Our stick's construction is second to none.

    The feel is nice and solid, yet responsive with some nice flex for when you're really leaning into it. I also went with the bob grip for the paddle option and it leaves me with a lot more control over the stick as a whole and I won't be turning back.

    Pro stock versions of the GGSU sticks are available here, use promo code ggsukarp for a 10% discount! https://www.ggsunited.com/collections/northstar-x-ggsu-g1-shooter-pro-stock-customs

    And for custom orders, feel free to contact myself, Jake Wint or Joey Garapolo.

    For those of you who act quickly, we also have discount codes available for your orders.

    Use promo code ggsukarp for a 10% discount!

    Please, feel free to ask any questions you may have and I'll be happy to do my best to answer them.



    Dudo, GGSU Gear Coach

    Dudo, GGSU Gear Coach

    To all GGSUnited members and potential campers,

    I wanted to give a follow up to the great introduction post by Garret outlining all of the preliminary questions that folks may have before camp.  I personally attended the last 2 days of the Pittsburgh camp in July 2015 and it was one of my best goaltending related experiences to date.  After working a full shift from 12 to 9pm at the MonkeySports Woodbridge NJ store, I drove 45 minutes home to pack my gear, get food and get ready for my 7 hour overnight trek to join the rest of the camp.  

    Despite the fact that I was already awake for nearly 24 hours and only had 30 minutes of sleep… I arrived early in the morning and I was so purely excited because I knew I finally got to participate with the rest of the group members and craft the skill that we all enjoy.  I joined right in with all of the other folks, joked around in the locker room, pushed through the day and tried to learn as much from the coaches as possible.  Through those two days, I learned more in depth knowledge about the position while being on the ice, seeing my fellow goalie partners go through drills and watching the Pro athletes perform as well.  Long story short, if you are on the fence about going to the camp and are unsure of funds, time off from work or how things run… just go to the camp, you won’t regret it.

    Fast forward through some big life happenings in both personal and professional, I have been given the opportunity to represent GoalieMonkey, MonkeySports and GGSUnited by attending the 2017 camp tour as a “Gear Liaison” for all attendees.  For the better part of a decade, I have been working with every kind of goalie and building clientele in terms of fitting them into the proper gear for size, technique, budget and style.    

    We all know that the biggest part of being a goalie is having a filthy setup and looking good out on the ice, but sometimes it is impossible to be able to have the ability to check out every single piece of gear and find the right equipment that will not only look sick, but help you perform better.   This year, all of the major manufacturers will be represented to showcase their newest technology and retail offerings that we have all been drooling over.  We will be working very close Warrior, Vaughn, Brian’s, CCM and Bauer to make sure the campers have the ability see the new gear, talk and learn about the new gear, and ultimately be able to demo the new gear on the ice.  

    My job at the camp will be simple yet hands on.  I will be representing GoalieMonkey by joining all of the camp staff and participants on the ice to not only help follow the coaches in the methods they will  be teaching, but to bring in gear discussion to the on ice drills.  I will also help facilitate and coordinate on our on ice gear demo program, assist Equipment Rep’s in their programs and presentations, but to also help out on ANYTHING gear related by bringing the best hands on service to all attendees.  

    By bringing is this aspect of adding a Gear-Coach to camp, we feel that the GGSUnited community will have the ability to learn every aspect of goaltending from the best available resources.  We want to make sure that the goalies who attend are knowledgeable in how to help their bodies recover off the ice, eat the proper foods to perform best while playing, become an expert in all techniques while making saves and finally having the proper protection, style and performance to make you the best goalie in your league.

    What does this mean for everyone who is already preregistered for camp?  Add me on social media, give me a call at work, or just chat with me about the gear you want to see at camp or the gear questions you have always thought about.  I want to be used as a resource to make your time at camp most enjoyable, and I want to make sure the gear you have will allow you to perform at your best. If you have not registered for camp yet, just do it.  You will have the time of your life learning from some of the best goalies in the world all while in a fun environment. For those that have attended the camp in the past, please let me know about things you loved about camp or things you wish you could change.   I would love to be able to bring the same or improved experience to those potential campers.  We also have some really cool pieces of camp that we will continue to finalize as time moves on, so be on the lookout for those announcements as well!

    I really look forward to seeing plenty of new faces through the camps, chatting it up with the dozens of others who I have not seen in years and ultimately provide the best insight to anything and everything goalie gear related.

    Chris Dudo

    GGSU Legends Camp Announcement March 15th 2017

    GGSU Legends Camp Announcement March 15th 2017


    To students past, present and prospective,

     It’s been awhile since I have really said anything about this summer’s camps in comparison to years past for various reasons personal and professional, but as we find ourselves halfway through March I figured it is a good time to update everyone on the state of what we are currently working on for camp.

    The question I am most frequently asked is who are the instructors in a certain location. When asking about the instruction staff people are only really interested in the big fish (Condi, Scott, Shannon). Those are the people that have the hardest time to be able to commit a week of their free time in the summer to a week long beer league camp, yet each year they find a way to do it. Here is the best guess I can give you as far as an instructor list looks this year.


    Toronto Head Instructors: Garret Sparks (Toronto, AHL), Jordan Binnington (Chicago, AHL), Shannon Szabados (Team Canada WNT), Jamie Phillips (Winnipeg, AHL)

    Toronto Demo Instructors: Jeremy Brodeur (Oshawa, OHL) Justin Fazio (Sarnia, OHL), Stephen Dhillon (Niagara, OHL), Francois Brassard (Carleton, CIS)

    Chicago Head Instructors: Garret Sparks (Toronto, AHL), Scott Darling (Chicago, NHL)*, Alex Rigsby (US WNT), Al Montoya (Montreal, NHL)* Guest: Mike McKenna (Syracuse, AHL), Mike Condon (Ottawa, NHL)*

    Chicago Demo Instructors: Alex Sakellaropoulos (Union, NCAA), Stefanos Lekkas (Vermont, NCAA), Francois Brassard (Carleton, CIS), Cody Karpinski (Lindenwood, ACHA)

    L.A Head Instructors: Garret Sparks (Toronto, AHL), Scott Darling (Chicago, NHL)*, Mike Condon (Ottawa, NHL), Shannon Szabados (Canada WNT)*, Thatcher Demko (Utica, AHL)*, Eric Comrie (Winnipeg, AHL)*

    L.A. Demo Instructors: PJ Musico (Greenville, ECHL), Francois Brassard (Carleton, CIS), Cody Karpinski (Lindenwood, ACHA)


    So a couple things you notice right of the bat: depth. This year I am looking to have a head instructor and half gear demo instructor at each station to help better convey teaching points. The importance of depth in the staff is something we noticed last year as we were spread extremely thin at points. This ensures that doesn’t happen again. The next thing is the big tickets. Keep in mind here, anyone with an asterisk simply means that they aren’t entirely committed to that week yet. Scott Is on another playoff push with the Hawks, Condi just played 27 games in a row for the Sens & is in the heat of a division race as well and Shannon is trying to win her 3rd gold medal in 2018 and has to begin preparing for that at a certain point this summer. As I said above, I am sure if they are able to make it work and come to camp this year they will be there, I just don’t want anyone’s heart being broken because they signed up for someone specifically who ended up not being able to come. Having 8 instructors on the ice for 16 goalies should hopefully offset any unfortunate circumstance in which the big fish can only come for a couple days of the week somewhere to impart some knowledge.


    What’s New??

    Everyone wants to know what’s new and what you’re bringing to the table each year and I am happy to share all the dirty work I have been doing behind the scenes. I have learned a lot in 4 professional seasons and this year I would like the camp to mimic a hard day of work put in at the rink. In addition to the on ice component of camp this year (which will be shortened to 90 minutes due to increased staffing & maximized efficiency) there will be an increased emphasis on off ice activities to improve your game and overall health & wellness. Here’s a mock schedule of our Chicago camp to get an idea of what each day will be like:

    Groups will alternate who is on the ice 1st each day, thus giving a late start to you every other day in order to get additional rest. The day begins with a daily brief where we meet in classroom to watch film of GGSU Legends Camp instructors properly completing the day’s drills & breaking down the points of emphasis. You’re then put through a 15 minute functional movement warm up that is identical to what I would do prior to getting on the ice each time. After 90 minutes of ice (10 minutes of skating, 20 at each station) You have a 45 minute break for lunch. Instead of catering lunch this year we are planning on offering 3 menu selections each day from a local restaurant you can order each morning upon arrival and have waiting for you once you’re off the ice or done your workout. If you want something other than what we are offering you’re more than welcome to go out for lunch. Video begins promptly at 1:45 however and I wouldn’t advise missing it as we will have two video coaches on staff this summer cutting clips for us in order to break down the day’s 1st session’s video and use it as teaching points for Group 2 prior to their ice time. After that there is a 15 minute presentation by the day’s gear brand (Warrior, Brian’s, Bauer, Vaughn, CCM) in association with Goalie Monkey where they discuss all the technical aspects of their newest lines of gear and help answer any brand related questions. Following that is a 15 minute goalie specific and situational specific mentality training that I have created drawing from every resource I have come and contact with and found success through, covering a different and important topic each day. After that is a scheduled 15 minute reactivation period where you are encouraged to use any of our training and therapy tools to help get you ready and feeling good prior to your ice session or daily workout with Steve Purvin, my personal summer trainer. Steve informed me he will be joining us on staff for the entire summer, an incredible resource on functional strength and injury prevention we have added to each of this year’s camps. With Steve’s knowledge & the planning we have been doing I am excited to see the changes we can make in people's lives in just 5 days that are easily continued on your own once camp is over.


    Speaking of once camp is over, we are working on replacing the hard copy drill books with an online portal which all of our on ice drills + teaching points and videos, off ice/on ice skating warm ups, stretches, workouts, tracking drills, nutrition information, etc is available to Legends Camp students for the remainder of the year to help reinforce the points learned at camp. We are interested in garnering as much feedback as possible as to what you as students would like to see at this upcoming summer’s camps so please feel free to contact us at LegendsCamp@ggsunited.com with any potential ideas & areas for improvement. Looking forward to a 4th consecutive summer of being able to help bring this community of goalies in together to learn and grow together. Thanks for your interest and continued support of the GGSU Legends Camps.

    Garret Sparks

    GGSU Legends Camp Director



    Boston camp has been cancelled, there is not a big enough demand for the camp. We will work on a new location for next year. If you would like to attend another camp, we will help make it work for you. All customers have been refunded their deposits.

    PRODIGIES in Chicago has been switched to a 4 day camp, Tuesday-Friday  at Seven Bridges Ice Arena on July 23rd-27th. Pricing for the camp will now be $800 USD.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at legendscamp@ggsunited.com


    Thank you,

    Jacob Wint

    Camp Director

    Ritual GT – Tech Overview

    Ritual GT – Tech Overview

    In this blog, we’ll introduce the features of the new Ritual GT gear. We’ll show you how we’ve combined conventional design elements with the best in class innovations of the G3 line.  This merging of tradition and innovation delivers comfort and tried and true feel while still offering the advanced performance you need to Elevate YOUR Game.


    • Ultra Lightweight – The R/GT leg pads are the second lightest pro leg pads on the market, only slightly surpassed by the Ritual G3; significantly lighter than other pads in their class.
    • Mobility – Reduced leg pad interference during in-tight plays and quick transitions.
    • Torsional Feel – Newly designed core facilitates the pad torsion necessary to achieve optimal mobility when using a conventional toe/boot set-up.
    • Advanced Butterfly Stability & Seal – Seal the ice from the toe of the pad to the top of the thigh rise with dependable stability while still benefitting from the increased mobility of a tapered boot.
    • Blade/Ice Interface – Standard toe lace combined with a tapered boot provides traditional feel while allowing the necessary blade attack angle.  R/GT pads will come with optional Active Response Toe Straps for the most advanced blade/ice interface system on the market.
    • Super Fast Slide - Best in class bindingless boot design reduces friction, providing exceptionally fast slides.
    • Effortless Rotation – Innovative Slingwrap strapping system in combination with our 360 degree leg channel offer effortless pad rotation while maintaining responsive control


      • Ultra Lightweight - Same weight as the Ritual G3, the lightest gloves on the market.
      • Traditional Trapper Palm – Conventional permanent trapper palm provides a traditional fit and feel.
      • Game Ready – Snappy trapper closure right out of the box.
      • Conventional Tee Flex – A flexible tee design offers a more traditional feel
      • Maximized Wrist Mobility - Wide-open cuffs on trapper and blocker allow complete and unrestricted range of motion. Shortened back hand pad further enhances blocker wrist mobility.
      • Protection – Advanced pro level trapper palm protection. Newly shaped blocker sidewall increases index finger protection.
      • Stable/Versatile Straps - Three point adjustable wrist straps on the trapper and adjustable wrist strap positions on the blocker allow for a secure customizable fit without obstructing wrist mobility.
      • Customizable Board Position - Removable blocker palms allow you to customize size (Int, Medium, Large, XL) as well as optimize balance and coverage with High/Mid/Low board position settings.

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