GGSU Stick Review

So a bunch of you were curious as to how our sticks are. I have one thing to say: they are the best foam cores I've ever used. The balance, feel, weight, everything about them is amazing, and unbeatable for the price. My school has supplied ccms for the last four years for me, and while they were nice, I was always left wanting more from my stick, especially as far as customizing and performance. These sticks are everything you could ever ask for from a foam core.

A couple of you asked about the shaft durability. So far, it's held up much better than my ccms ever did. I've taken a bunch of shots to it directly and not even starting to splinter or chip like most other plywood shafts.

Our stick's construction is second to none.

The feel is nice and solid, yet responsive with some nice flex for when you're really leaning into it. I also went with the bob grip for the paddle option and it leaves me with a lot more control over the stick as a whole and I won't be turning back.

Pro stock versions of the GGSU sticks are available here, use promo code ggsukarp for a 10% discount!

And for custom orders, feel free to contact myself, Jake Wint or Joey Garapolo.

For those of you who act quickly, we also have discount codes available for your orders.

Use promo code ggsukarp for a 10% discount!

Please, feel free to ask any questions you may have and I'll be happy to do my best to answer them.



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CJ Emery

What are the curve specs for each stick.
I currently use the bauer P31 curve with lie 14, open face and round toe, and was wondering if any of these sticks have these specs or something close to it.

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