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Wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to anyone actually reading the blog at this point. My name’s Jake Williams and I’ll be throwing out a pretty regular column as we’re trying to establish and grow the GGSU footprint.
​A little about my background, I grew up in Montreal, currently live in LA where I’m the goalie coach for UCLA’s club team; and may be one of the biggest junior suitcases in the history of the sport. Four years, five leagues nine teams took me all around north America. After an NA championship I rode the bench at Mercyhurst University for two years then transferred to Salve Regina University in Newport, RI to finish up my junior and senior years. Over that time, I’ve trained under some all-time goalie minds in Montreal, Boston, Pennsylvania, and California and I’m here to shed light on any questions you might have-whether it be technical, development oriented or just how to deal with the roller coaster that probably definitely is your life. Also, do yourself a favour and avoid my elite prospects page, it’ll give you an aneurysm.

Am I the best goalie to ever play? HARD no, will many of you go on to fair better than I? Absolutely. Despite those depressing realities I was always a student of the position and despite currently living real life, with a real job and paying real bills. I continue to read, learn and coach.
I don’t know where this little segment is headed but fuck it, WE’RE DOING IT LIVE.


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Jake Williams

Hey Al,

I’ve actually only played a handful of times since I’ve graduated. If I still lived in Montreal it’d be a no brainer but it’s definitely tougher in LA. I’ll probably hop into a league for next summer.

The idea that helped me most is the idea of you practice how you play. I think it’s very important to try to recreate the mental state you’ll be in during games for practice-if that makes sense.

Al Corey

Do expect to play net into your old age or will you, like so many who have played high level hockey, hang it up?

What is the single best piece of advice you’ve ever received about playing the position?

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