Ritual GT – Tech Overview

In this blog, we’ll introduce the features of the new Ritual GT gear. We’ll show you how we’ve combined conventional design elements with the best in class innovations of the G3 line.  This merging of tradition and innovation delivers comfort and tried and true feel while still offering the advanced performance you need to Elevate YOUR Game.


  • Ultra Lightweight – The R/GT leg pads are the second lightest pro leg pads on the market, only slightly surpassed by the Ritual G3; significantly lighter than other pads in their class.
  • Mobility – Reduced leg pad interference during in-tight plays and quick transitions.
  • Torsional Feel – Newly designed core facilitates the pad torsion necessary to achieve optimal mobility when using a conventional toe/boot set-up.
  • Advanced Butterfly Stability & Seal – Seal the ice from the toe of the pad to the top of the thigh rise with dependable stability while still benefitting from the increased mobility of a tapered boot.
  • Blade/Ice Interface – Standard toe lace combined with a tapered boot provides traditional feel while allowing the necessary blade attack angle.  R/GT pads will come with optional Active Response Toe Straps for the most advanced blade/ice interface system on the market.
  • Super Fast Slide - Best in class bindingless boot design reduces friction, providing exceptionally fast slides.
  • Effortless Rotation – Innovative Slingwrap strapping system in combination with our 360 degree leg channel offer effortless pad rotation while maintaining responsive control


    • Ultra Lightweight - Same weight as the Ritual G3, the lightest gloves on the market.
    • Traditional Trapper Palm – Conventional permanent trapper palm provides a traditional fit and feel.
    • Game Ready – Snappy trapper closure right out of the box.
    • Conventional Tee Flex – A flexible tee design offers a more traditional feel
    • Maximized Wrist Mobility - Wide-open cuffs on trapper and blocker allow complete and unrestricted range of motion. Shortened back hand pad further enhances blocker wrist mobility.
    • Protection – Advanced pro level trapper palm protection. Newly shaped blocker sidewall increases index finger protection.
    • Stable/Versatile Straps - Three point adjustable wrist straps on the trapper and adjustable wrist strap positions on the blocker allow for a secure customizable fit without obstructing wrist mobility.
    • Customizable Board Position - Removable blocker palms allow you to customize size (Int, Medium, Large, XL) as well as optimize balance and coverage with High/Mid/Low board position settings.

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