What's Next For Flower?


With Matt Murray back in the net for the Pens and Fleury back on the bench, what is the next move for Marc-Andre Fleury. Even though the Pens protected him in the expansion draft, with a simple waive of his no-movement clause, he can be on the move as early as this season. Right now, the Pens really have two #1 tendys in their line up.

The real question is, how do they protect Matt Murray The thing is, who is really in the market for a goalie? Let’s think, who could use a dependable, experienced goaltender?

Does Dallas trade either Kari or Niemi (and their big contracts)? Would the Pens even want to keep one of them to back up Matt Murray? That would protect Murray and only expose their new backup.

With Steve Mason struggling a bit and not having the gas to play every game, since Neuvirth is a band-aid right now, Philly is a possibility, but I don’t see the Pens trading Flower to their rival.

The last possible team couuuuuuld be the Flames, because Brian Elliot has been struggling up north. The fact that he’s eligible for UFA at the end of the season isn’t helping his cause either.

What do you think? Who could use the always fun to watch Flower? Would you want him on your team? Let us know! Interested in writing a blog for GGSU? Be sure to submit any blog ideas/articles you’d like to be featured to Tommy.GGSU@gmail.com



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